12 January 2011

URGENT: Please protect Askew Road from 24-hour alcohol by attending licensing hearing on Mon 17 Jan and/or submitting objection by 13 Jan

The Cathnor Park Area Action Group is urging residents to attend a licensing hearing on 17 January to prevent 24-hour alcohol being sold on the Askew Rd in the new NISA supermarket opposite the Library.

The hearing will be at 6pm on Monday 17 January 2011 in Hammersmith Town Hall.

If you have you have any evidence or reasons why this license application should be turned down, please also email Adrian Overton at H&F Council (adrian.overton@lbhf.gov.uk) by tomorrow, 13 January, copying in Annabel Clarke of the Action Group (annabelclarke@gmail.com).

In a letter to Ms Clarke, Sergeant Ratcliffe, Licensing Officer for Hammersmith and Fulham, has made it clear how important it is that local residents attend the meeting on the 17th, saying

“I personally believe the views of the police and councillors are secondary to those presented by local residents. At a committee hearing I would argue that if yourself or another member of the Cathnor Park Action Group attended and provided your evidence this would actually have the greatest effect. The process is non-confrontational and there is no cross examination by parties. Certainly if it was possible for a number of you to attend to demonstrate the importance of the issue this would demonstrate a united front amongst residents."

He stresses that statements of objection – which can be a simple letter – need to be lodged with Adrian Overton at H&F Council by tomorrow (13 January) and that these should contain:

1.       Facts that are proven and recorded and can be demonstrated through dates and times. These provide substance that general statements lack. Photographic evidence provides a real demonstration to the committee of issues.

2.       Any statements contain evidence that link issues to the specific premises that you are objecting to.

3.       Your views as a resident. Any incidents that have affected you both physically and mentally, ie the way it has actually made you feel. Less safe? Less willing to leave your home?
Askew Rd is a secondary high street with no 24/7 alcohol-licensed premises at present and if a 24-hour license is granted:
  • Existing safety improvements would be lost;
  • The premises could become an all-night venue, which could cause many to gather outside it late at night;
  • Underage drinkers could obtain alcohol; and
  • There would be more urination and vomiting in Askew Rd and the side streets

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