24 January 2011

Five years after Labour did the deal, the Hammersmith Academy is finally opening in September

It isn't often this blog agrees with the Tories. But we can join them wholeheartedly in welcoming the Hammersmith Academy, which Labour set in motion and which is opening its doors this September. We are excited about the great education this will offer local children.

Our only gripe is that the doors should have opened sooner. It has been a long five years since the then-Labour council put the Hammersmith Academy deal together with two livery companies, the Mercers’ Company and the Information Technologists’ Company.

Five years for the Tories to take forward what they inherited from Labour and get the new Academy up and running. What a contrast with the effort they are making to slam through the West London “free” school.

PS The Academy's bear cool video is well worth watching.

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