24 January 2011

It’s time for Hammersmith council to stop hiding behind Toby Young

No surprise to see Toby Young’s cheeky piece in this Sunday’s Mail, combining reasoned argument with personal insult and inaccurate figures to make the case for the West London “free” school.

What is surprising, however, is why it is the unelected Young who is fighting the fight for H&F Tory council and its leader Stephen Greenhalgh.

Surely it should be the council that defends kicking out 21 charities from Palingswick House so the “free” school can have it in two year’s time?

Surely it is the council that should be defending its sudden decision to give the Bryony Centre to the “free” school for now, even as behind-the-scenes discussions were still continuing about letting the crumbling Cambridge School for disabled children move into the centre?

It’s time the council stopped hiding behind the tiggerish Mr Young. He may be cheering them on, but they’re the ones taking the decisions and who are answerable to the voters.

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buddyhell said...

Toby Young as a figleaf...that's good!