20 January 2011

The apple of Eric Pickles’ eye is rotten to the core

Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government may have called Hammersmith & Fulham Council “the apple of my eye” on Monday but it is the opposite of your friendly local borough. See Andy Slaughter MP's typically sharp round-up of the council's abuses here.

These include:
  • Shutting down a housing charity that tried to help a heavily pregnant, abused woman ignored by the council.
  • Slashing Sure Start services for young children.
  • Evicting 22 local charities so Toby Young's divisive and unwanted "free" school can have their building.
  • Undertaking a fire sale of assets, from libraries to town halls and the Irish Cultural Centre.
  • Trying to block local council tenants from taking over their estate so H&F can sell it off to a property developer.
  • Using new powers given by Pickles to end low rents and capital investment in social housing.

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