20 December 2010

'Poor and vulnerable' Toby Young blocks public questions, mucks up his Latin

The would-be West London Free School has been embarrassing itself again. Leading light Toby Young and would-be head teacher Thomas Packer apparently refused to take questions from the public at a (public) meeting on the school on 15 December. What were they afraid of?

It seems they also got their Latin wrong: worrying news, given that teaching Latin is a main selling point for the school. See here for a thought-provoking report by an educated parent at the meeting. 

The well-paid Young also took time out this weekend to show his concern for the poor. In a Telegraph blog condemning campaigners against tax avoidance (yes, against), he sneered, “The organisers purport to be sympathetic to the victims of the cuts whom they describe as ‘the poorest and most vulnerable’ – a category I must fall into because my family’s child benefit has been cut to zero”. The child benefit cuts may be wrong but they will only hit earnings of more than £43,875.

What makes Hammersmith Council think West Londoners want people like this involved in teaching their children?


Anonymous said...

Surely Young is just making the point that it isn't just the poorest in society who are bearing the brunt of the cuts, but the squeezed middle. You yourself go on to back this up by saying only earnings over £43,875 will be hit.

In terms of anyone embarrassing themselves you must win first prize for completely missing the point.

Also, as for him having 'sneered' his comment, this blog entry is the nearest I have ever seen a piece of text come to a sneer.

The Local Schools Network said...

If you want to learn more about Toby Young's abrasive and high-handed approach to things, read his replies to the blogs we have been doing about his school: