17 December 2010

4 Jan deadline for objections to Hammersmith council's monstrous plan

The Cathnor Park Action Group (CPAG) is urging all Hammersmith residents to write to the Council about its plans to rip down homes for blind people, an art deco cinema and the Town Hall extension and replace them with two 14-storey monstrosities that lack any social housing.

The deadline for objections is 4 January 2011. Save Our Skyline has useful reminders about the key issues and a ready-made email template and link.

CPAG says, "Many residents feel that this is a defining planning decision for Hammersmith: if it goes through not only will our lovely river views go for ever and we will lose a large part of Furnivall Gardens to the ramp of the footbridge linking the Town Hall to the river, but the floodgates could be open to tall buildings all the way down King Street and it will become a very different place. So please do make time to send an email."

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