07 December 2010

Now Shaun Bailey casts doubt on monster development

Councillor Mark Loveday, H&F Tory council's cabinet member for strategy, was on BBC London again last night defending his plans to rip down homes for the blind along with the Cineworld cinema and build two monstrous 14-storey blocks of luxury flats which, crucially, do not include any social housing.

What would he think of a statement yesterday by Shaun Bailey, his own failed parliamentary candidate, that "We should stop building sink estates, look at the social mix of housing and incentivise people to live together"? Making shared ownership viable for people on low incomes should also be a priority, says Bailey.

What with Tory MP Zac Goldsmith attacking the unwanted scheme, soon the Tory council's only remaining friends will be the developers salivating about their profits.

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