13 December 2010

CONFIRMED! Hammersmith Council sacrificing centre for local children to ideological “free” school for children from outside the borough

You read it here first. Following HFConwatch's exposure of this scandal ten days ago, the Shepherd’s Bush Blog has confirmed that Tory H&F Council intends to plonk Toby Young’s ideologically-driven “free” school in the Askham Family Centre until the Palingswick Centre is ready. The Centre's services will be “relocated”, which may mean lost, and the school will pay a peppercorn rent, if anything.

The council claims the Askham Centre is “underutilised”. But at least it’s used by local Hammersmith families whereas the new school will take only half its children from H&F.

The Tories seem to think Hammersmith taxpayers won’t notice that local services are being at best disrupted and at worst sacrificed in favour of an ideological school experiment for kids outside the borough.


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SayNoToKempstonFreeSchool said...

Surely no one is surprised by this sort of action? Free Schools are part of Gove's flagship policy, any & all trickery is allowed to ensure they succeed....no matter what the cost. I would question the sanity of the parents sending thier kids to an experimental school, with no track record or proof of results which will be relocated very early within it's existence. Hardly what you'd call a recipe for scholastic success....