24 January 2010

The true face of Cameron's caring, compassionate Conservatives

An eight months pregnant woman was forced to sleep rough in a park for four nights after fleeing domestic violence because Tory H&F council wouldn't accept her as homeless.

H&F council has just been found guilty of maladministration by the Local Government Ombudsman in a damning report on how the woman was dealt with.

This news doesn't appear on H&F council's website (and is unlikely to feature in H&F News). But it is another example of what would happen if the Conservatives won the general election.

PS some five days after publication of the Ombudsman's verdict, H&F council has issued a press release, 'apology for housing mistake', without a quote from a Tory councillor.

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Anonymous said...

the reality is that these kind of housing decisions have nothing to do with the tories and more to do with the policies and guidance that have been pushed by the office of the deputy prime minister.