15 January 2010

H&F libraries under threat

A number of H&F libraries face closure after the May council elections, as the Tories' budget cuts deepen.

Already library staff are being axed and some libraries have had to reduce opening hours because of staff shortages.

But the Tory council is planning further cuts, with Baron's Court library and Sands End library first in the firing line for closure. In addition Askew Road library will be offering reduced services to accommodate a Royal Mail collection point.


Anonymous said...

i think you'll find libraries under labour, not tories, have really suffered - due to central budget cuts.

get your facts right before you post. eeediot.

Anonymous said...

while i am really concerned about the impact of cuts on H&F services, especially to the most vulnerable I am DELIGHTED that the postal sorting office isnt being moved out of the borough to the park royal industrial estate. This is surely a sensible use of council resources?