04 January 2010

Tories' budget gamble reveals cuts

Tory H&F council's budget for 2010-11, published today, shows how they are cutting services to pay for their pre-election tax reduction.

£13 million new cuts in local services have been announced for the coming year, with £35 million cuts in total over the next three years to 2013. Taking the brunt of the cuts will be children's services, care for older and disabled people, and environmental services.

But the budget also comes with huge risks - some £9 million in the coming year has been identified as potential extra costs, almost equivalent to the council's total reserves. And over the next three years, the budget risks add up to £25 million.

The Tories' budget gamble shows how much the tax cut (worth less than 50p a week) is really costing local residents.

Meanwhile more money has been spent by the council to line the borough's streets with propaganda banners in advance of Dave's visit tomorrow. He is expected to face a barrage of protests from traditional Tory voters concerned by H&F council giving planning permission to controversial developments in Goldhawk Road.

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