15 January 2010

Greenhalgh 'cupboarded'

The owner of the Cupboard cafe in Shepherds Bush, Nathalie Bristow (no relation), has launched a savage attack on Tory H&F council in today's Hammersmith Gazette.

When asked 'if you could change one thing about the borough, what would it be', Nathalie says:

"I would remove [council leader] Stephen Greenhalgh and his Margaret Thatcher policies. I would rather pay the extra three per cent council tax which the council has cut, as charges have been applied to other services, especially for elderly people who have to pay £12.40 for home care. I would also change the Tory council's charges for the meals on wheels policy."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

she sounds like one of those mad people you get on the late news. crap opinions based on no factual knowledge of anything.. boring post.