29 November 2009

And what else does Greenhalgh really think?

After the blast of honesty from the Tory leader of H&F council about David Cameron's shadow cabinet, hfconwatch looks forward to Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh's real views on:

* Shaun Bailey, Conservative candidate for Hammersmith
* Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, and Tory plans to take over control of the police
* the cabinet in H&F, particularly giants like Cllrs Ivimy, Loveday and Bristow
* the future of Charing Cross hospital, the super sewer and other Tory scaremongering
* the Tories' plans to sell off all H&F council estates for redevelopment - perhaps not, we know Greenhalgh is fully behind this
* H&F councillor Harry Phibbs, columnist on the Daily Mail, which has run the Greenhalgh piss-up story
* and of course more about his boyhood with the shadow chancellor

It's also an opportunity to give another shameless plug for the leader's blog: http://lbhfleader.blog.co.uk/

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