02 November 2009

Tory tax con means cuts in services and higher charges

Tory H&F council's latest tax con announced today heralds more cuts in local services and higher fees and charges for local residents.

Hundreds of local jobs have already been axed, local streets are dirtier and services for children, older and disabled people have been decimated while the borough's council tenants fear for the future of their homes.

The Tories have also claimed responsibility for an array of developments which were either down to the previous council or have been funded by the government.

The announcement of the tax con today was made weeks before the Tory council is due to present its budget figures for the coming year, so the bad news is still to come.

Expect an avalanche of Tory leaflets through your letterbox very soon.

PS Last Thursday’s Standard reported some London councils are auctioning off assets to pay off debt – but getting about 20% less than market value. Guess who was in the top four with £16.5m raised in the last three years. Tory H&F council , of course, happy to waste £4m of your money for short-term income to cut tax in the run up to the local elections. These were the sales of voluntary sector premises – leaving their clients more likely to need state support – and homeless hostels, meaning families would be moved to private accommodation at a cost to the taxpayers three times greater.

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