25 November 2009

Bailey comes unstuck on housing claims

Has Tory candidate Shaun Bailey been misleading readers of the Gazette or is he just ignorant?

In an interview with the local paper last week, Bailey claims that Tory H&F council - now notorious for demolishing council homes - has built more affordable homes than Labour did.

The council's own figures show that 870 housing association homes for rent have been built in the borough since the Tories won the 2006 council election. But they also show that 750 of these were given funding and planning consent under the previous Labour council, which actually had the best record on providing affordable homes in the whole of London.

And what about the other 120 new homes? They were in two major schemes in Shepherds Bush where the Tories negotiated down the number of rented homes to maximise those for sale at full cost - these flats now stand empty and unsold while thousands of families wait for decent homes. And on every other scheme that has come up in the last three years no new rented housing has been allowed by the Tory council, contrary to planning policy.

So which is it Mr Bailey - out of your depth or telling pork pies?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

More likely trying to take credit for the actions of the previous administration - they are doing it all the time
e.g. claiming the success of the new Shepherd's Bush library as their achievement when it was in fact aproved and agreed under Labour.