01 December 2009

Planning a disaster

H&F Tory council seems intent on out-doing itself with every new development in the borough.

Not content with having the Goldhawk industrial estate scheme called in by the government for a public inquiry (see previous hfconwatch blogs), the Tories are facing complaints about:
* the plan to let a private French school build in the grounds of Planetree Court sheltered housing in Brook Green
* the release of Westfield from its obligation to fund 100 affordable homes for key workers in Shepherds Bush
* a proposed seven storey block of flats in Glenthorne Road, none of which will be affordable to local residents
* the council's own scheme to evict all the community groups from Palingswick House in King Street and sell it off

And only last week Shaun Bailey, Tory candidate for Hammersmith, gave his wholehearted support to H&F council's plans to demolish thousands of local homes to make way for more commercial development.

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