05 July 2008

How will Hands mark NHS anniversary?

Today we can look back on 60 years of the NHS and thank the legions of doctors, nurses, porters and other staff who over the years have made the service so successful. Their dedication is inspired by the fundamental principles on which the NHS was established - universal, free at the point of need and funded from general taxation.

How will H&F MP Greg 'helping' Hands mark the 60th birthday of the NHS? Will he continue his scaremongering about the future of Charing Cross hospital?

Of all Hands' campaigns, his warning in 2004-5 that Charing Cross hospital was about to close is the most scandalous. Anyone visiting the hospital today will see that it is in flourishing health, with lots of new investment and superb facilities.

Now, Hands and his Tory colleagues on H&F council are being at best ambiguous and at worst downright disgraceful in their lack of support for three new 'polyclinics' in the borough. These super-surgeries will bring quality healthcare a lot closer to patients. They are part of building a 21st Century NHS - clinically driven, patient centred, responsive to local communities and delivering the highest quality of care to everyone.

Happy 60th birthday to the NHS!

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