12 July 2008

Cheap deal adds insult to injury

Peterborough primary school in Sands End shuts its doors to pupils this month following Tory H&F council's decision to close the school after more than 100 years of education for local families.

Now to add insult to injury, the council is doing a deal with the French government to use the site for a private French school at a knock-down price.

The Tory cabinet is due to vote on a report on Monday 14 July which recommends leasing the site to the French at way below market value - £200,000 a year rather than the valuation of £283,000. The report says the council will lose at least £700,000 on the deal.

How can the Tories justify giving away public assets so cheaply with no benefit to local people? What is the special relationship between the French government and H&F Tory councillors?

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