21 July 2008

Money does grow on trees in H&F

Not content with introducing more than 500 new and higher charges for local services, Tory H&F council is now charging residents £250 to plant a tree in their street.

Even the council's own press release trumpeting the new charge admits that over 2,000 trees have been planted in streets across the borough in the last eight years. So why start charging now?

This madcap scheme has been dreamt up by Cllr Harry Phibbs, whose diary stories for the Evening Standard are responsible for several forests being destroyed every year. He says that planting a tree will help local property prices, so expect to see a few new trees in 'desirable' streets in Fulham shortly.

Tory councillors clearly cannot see the wood for the trees. This TORY TREE TAX is another step too far for local residents - they expect their council tax to pay for this and other services.

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