28 June 2008

Tories back huge property developers

As residents of Shepherds Bush have seen in the last six months, H&F Tories are very much on the side of the massive property developers moving into the borough.

Shepherds Bush has been closed down by the Tory council to help their friends at Westfield develop White City. Forget the fact that local residents need to use the tube, local roads and the buses - the Tories don't care.

But more is in store for the rest of the borough. Which is why Tory cabinet member Cllr Mark Loveday went on a jolly to Cannes recently to meet some new developers.

Already the Tories are planning upheaval at Hammersmith Grove and in King Street. Now they are looking at redeveloping the sites of some of the biggest council estates in H&F. West Ken estate has been earmarked according to the Chronicle newspaper.

The Tories really do put local residents last.

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Anonymous said...

As a resident of the area, I would greatly welcome the redevelopment of the West Kensington Estate. I would welcome this regardless of any disruption to local services during the construction. Why are people so slow to welcome change and improvement of their current situation ?