14 June 2008

Greenhalgh fails leadership test

The failure by H&F council leader Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh to sack housing cabinet member Lucy Ivimy (see blog below) is an indictment of his leadership.

How can the views expressed by Cllr Ivimy be acceptable for anyone in public office, let alone in charge of housing? Cllr Greenhalgh has in effect condoned her racist comments. By describing her comments as 'idiotic', the Tory leader has suggested that she should have been more discreet in expressing her views.

Local residents are outraged by Cllr Lucy Ivimy's comments. They have brought H&F council into disrepute not just locally but across the world.

At the same time H&F Homes is reeling from the Audit Commission's assessment of its poor performance. How can Cllr Ivimy turn this round when her credibility has been completely undermined by her own actions?

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