28 June 2008

Tories' cuts in services hit residents hard

With more than £36 million cuts by the Tory council in local services, it's not surprising that Hammersmith & Fulham is showing the strain.

Wherever you walk in the borough, piles of rubbish and uncollected bin bags litter the pavements. Cuts in the funding of refuse collection and street cleaning and the privatisation of the service have left their mark.

Money earmarked for investing in local homes is threatened by the incompetence of the Tory council. Already the council's decent homes improvement programme is way behind schedule.

More and more older people are left lonely and isolated in their home as care services are cut and charges increased for meals on wheels and homecare.

Or they are frightened about going out on the streets because of rising crime in the borough.

And cuts in local youth services and closure of facilities have left young people with nothing to do.

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