15 February 2008


The Tories in H&F are crowing about their latest cut - ending the use of bottled water across the council.

Now councillors, officers and members of the public attending local meetings will have to rely on mains water. Are taps being installed in the leader's office?

The council says this move saves £36,000 or just 0.1% of the £36 million cuts they are making in local services. Obviously the Tories hope this will distract attention from 99.9% of the cuts!


max said...

Absolutely unbelievable. It would never have occured to me that you had bottled water in the first place. As an HandF voter I am shocked. I didnt bother to vote in the last locals but I will now be voting for anyone but labour. Ehy couldnt you just go down the corridor to the sink in the kitchen like everyone else.

hfconwatch said...

Pull the other one 'max'. Have you never been to a meeting or event where you drank bottled water or water from a cooler?

John said...

Also posted on the "Bristow Blog"

"Whereas any efficiency savings that can be made should be made following a proper appraisal of all the issues.

I would rather the council concentrated on getting the Decent Homes program back on track.

I believe the council scored 1 star for its management of this multi million pound project. Subsequently the Chief Executive of H&F homes resigned. Funding for Decent Homes projects starting 2009 is now in jeopardy.

No doubt when the estate caretakers are dismissed. The rental or purchase revenue from their flats will reduce the council tax burden slightly further. Though it will mean some caretakers loosing their homes as well as their jobs.

I have also heard that Council Tenants are being treated now as 2nd class residents compared to Leaseholders of council flats. As recent meetings concerning estate management excluded council tenants. I would appreciate your correction on this.

Keep up the blog. It is always a good read and provides me with balance. I am what could be considered a "floating" voter."

MING said...

£36,000 is an *enormous* figure. Its about 7 times £5000.

What is everyone complaining about now?