14 February 2008

What is going on in H&F? part 1

Hammersmith & Fulham residents are getting used to the Tory council selling off community assets.

But now the Tories have gone a step further - they have given away part of the borough to Kensington & Chelsea!

The councillors for the area affected - Little Wormwood Scrubs - only found about the 'transfer' when they read the local paper.

And the mastermind behind the move appears to be Cllr Paul Bristow, the Tory cabinet member supposedly for residents services.

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Anonymous said...

Talking of Paul Bristow. I posted this on his blog after he had run a snide story on Lisa Homan. He deleted it. It seems he only allows his friends to comment.

This is what I said:

"Mr. Bristow

This is really small-minded and a very spiteful little story designed to imply that Lisa Homan will stop being an Askew councillor.

I am actually quite amazed at your hypocrisy and lack of judgement as you have (by your own accounts) been unsuccessfully trying to get parliamentary seats all over the country pretty much immediately after you were first elected which is still only under two years ago. Does this mean that you're planning to step down from being a councillor as your friend Ed suggests?

I also understand that you appeared in a TV programme for wannabe MPs five or six years ago, when you were in your early twenties and in which you made a complete fool of yourself. Nobody more than you sums up the empty-headed, chinless, privilidged ambition that sadly calls many into Tory politics these days.

I hear that you have been rejected by Tory Associations in London, Essex and elsewhere. I understand why.

At least Lisa has served as a councillor for nearly ten years and very works hard for her Askew constituents.

Very poor work Mr. Bristow. Very poor.

Johnny Gee
Not A Supporter Or A Friend Of Yours"