07 June 2007

What future for civil society in H&F?

Funding for the voluntary sector will be debated by key national commentators at a public meeting in Hammersmith & Fulham. The event follows huge cuts in grants to voluntary and community organisations in the borough (see previous blogs).

Chaired by BBC Radio's Clive Coleman, the debate will feature Guardian journalist Polly Toynbee; Nick Seddon of Civitas and author of Who Cares?; Andrew Slaughter MP; John Fitzpatrick, chair of the Law Centres Federation; and local Tory councillor Harry Phibbs.

The debate will take place at the Irish Centre, Blacks Road, Hammersmith on Monday 18 June at 7.30pm.

Voluntary organisations in Hammersmith & Fulham are angry about the Conservative council's cuts in their funding.

Grants to local charities are being cut by 18% in total in the second half of this financial year (2007-8) compared to the first six months. Some organisations have had their funding cut completely while others have suffered huge cuts, making their future uncertain.

Further cuts will be made in 2008-9 and many organisations still don't know what funding they will get next year.

On top of these cuts in grants, Hammersmith & Fulham council is cutting rate relief to local charities and hiking rents for some organisations. Recently the Tory Cabinet voted in secret to sell off public buildings which house local charities and community groups (see previous blogs).

Nationally David Cameron says the Conservatives support the voluntary sector; in Hammersmith & Fulham the Tories are intent on wrecking local voluntary organisations and destroying civil society.

Join the debate on 18 June.


Ming said...

Can you Mr BlogMeister Sir, put chaps into the loop regarding these matters?

I would hope these matters are not just confined to those who happen to be in the charity/voluntary sector.

Is there a mailing list on the matter for instance?

Could you take it to the relevant parties - whomever they could be?

What loop should be used to access notification of such events?

MING said...

Incidentally, this blog has become (unfortunately and undeservedly) a "rant" board about councillor Lillis.

It would behoove all of you, and indeed the silent readers to actually know who Lillis is.

It is not fair that "all of you" have a rant about Lillis without knowing who you are talking about.

So, just as a public service, and because the Council is very open about its affairs, and welcomes queries, here is the person :


(please copy and past the URL as I'm not using hypertags)

It was rudely, indeed very rudely, pointed out to me by "some others" in an email to me, that

"Lillis is now a dead duck in water"

This is being extremely rude, in a most appalling way, as it would not do to call anyone a "dead duck", although I understand he likes swimming, and also the countryside.

If you look at the picture about (please copy and paste the URL link), you would clearly see this is not the case at all.

Can you say the picture is that of a duck?

Incidentally, Lillis is extremely open with his lines of communications.

If you wish to contact him, you should know :

a. his mobile number is 07958591056

b. landline number is 02087532020

c. you can leave messages for him at the Council Secretariat on 0208 753 2020

c. his surgery hours are 1st Sat of every month at Fulham library (you can call venue for his schedule on 02087533876)

d. you will see he is responsible for the libraries, and the schools and children's services, where is doing an excellent job

e. and he is great pals with Councillor Fowler, who has connections with him. (not secret ones)

If you would like to contact him, even to establish the veracity of "dead duck in the water", please do so; surgeries would give you evidence that he is very much alive and planning more strategies.

Please feel free.

hfconwatch said...

Very helpful again - Cllr Lillis will appreciate your services.

MING said...

I'm sure there will be more ways to contact Mr Lillis; eg at River Trust House, Countryside Alliance, and at his home address (all these are public information btw - nothing secret).

Please don't forget about the use of the FOI provisions (detailed in other posts - just search using key word "FOI" on the blog )

MING said...

Dear HFconwatch blogmeister,

since you would be at the protest, could you please note, just in case your protest brief is rather small, that in as far as the libraries are concerned :

1. The proposed charge to the library People's network computers is 5 times the cost the council pays for it

2. and that this matter has been concealed.

3. and the timetable for this has been brought forward (noticed appeared today, taking most stuff by surprise again - usual theme)

4. Please enquire at either of the reference libraries (hammersmith or fulham)

5. You can safely reject any idea that consultation on the above was properly carried out. There will be evidence for this.

Please include the in your protest brief, and please desiminate.



MING said...

Please also ensure you post and distribute publically available contact information, such as the ones given elsewhere in this blog (eg for Lillis) at the protest meeting.

Its only a suggestion. Therefore, do take it up.