05 June 2007

£15 for the privilege

Fulham Reach residents were last night invited to meet Shaun Bailey, the Conservative candidate for Hammersmith.

There was one catch. Residents were charged £15 for the dubious pleasure of meeting Mr Bailey. That will have helped to control numbers.

We've all heard of alleged payments to access Parliamentarians but to meet someone who has just been selected as a candidate? Perhaps it's all gone to a good cause, like the Shaun Bailey Youth Fund?


doledave said...

Is this to help him fund becoming an MP or for his charity. I would give £20.00 not to be in the same room as him. I could set up a charity for this purpose and probably do quite well out of it?

MING said...

I'm sure this is something Deepthroat hfconwatch would find out. It would be instructive to watch the Tory money trail.

hfconwatch said...

hfconwatch is watching

MING said...

There is a bit of a tiny money trail in the voluntary sector.

I had a quick look, prompted by the various posts on this blog, into the cabinet papers and minutes.

I see the "declarations of interests", I see who has gotten more funding, I see who has gotten less.

These papers are available from various sources, including the web.

If any one is at all interested, please say "yes" on this blog, and I'd arrange a post.

These things are not arranged in secret, contrary to what other posts on this blog have said.

So, as you know the council is VERY open about these things, the only question is - do you want to know?

Say yes for yes, and no for no.

You could just as well email me on r96harris@yahoo.com.


hfconwatch said...


MING said...

You should also know, that charging over cost of the computers, and pegging these to supposed market rates, is not what a library should be doing.

This move also goes contrary to steps to develop a digital library.

This move goes against economic interests as well.

Around half the borough population do not have access to broadband access, around 90,000 people.

The number of "cafes" in the borough do not provide more than 250 places at the maximum, and there are 180,000 residents in the borough.

There are also very good grounds for suspicion that the user computers are being charged for, in order to pay for staff computers - not an efficiency at all.

This move is an anti-education move, and you should make this abundantly clear at the protest meeting; just in case the education point is raised. Actual moves on the ground are not for education.

Make the above points very clear at the protest meeting please.

And contact me for details if required on r96harris@yahoo.com

MING said...

Hello. In response to your post, I was randomly browsing the cabinet meetings and agenda.

Refering to the following URL (copy and paste please)


The documents for 19th Feb 2007 on Pg21 (paper version) and Pg26 on the electronic version detail the large number of efficiencies (ie cuts). It would not be safe to assume all these "efficiencies" are what they say they are - some of these are definitely cuts.

As for the money trail I was talking about, you would see the money trail showing the largest amount of money going to the Lyric Theatre (you will understand the significance of this).

Having looked at the figures, this is the one receiptant that in addition to receiving the largest sum of money, doesn't seem to have a cut budget.

If you don't understand the significance of the above, please have a look for member's declarations of interest, or post and let me know. Emailing me on r96harris@yahoo.com is a good idea too.

I understand you are on a protest tomorrow; best for you to understand this point before you go.