14 June 2007

Grotspots and missing police officers

Have you noticed how Hammersmith & Fulham is now the 'dirtier borough'?

The cuts in street cleaning and refuse collection are literally leaving their mark - with grotspots appearing all over the borough.

If you've got a particular fave hate, please report it here.

Just to get things going, on the Uxbridge Road near the junction with Willow Vale there is a piece of disused land which used to be boarded off. The hoarding has been knocked down and it's now used as a dumping ground.

So please report grotspots. And while you're at it, when did you last see a police officer patrolling your local neighbourhood?

When 24/7 policing was introduced in two areas in the borough, police officers were diverted from other neighbourhood teams.

So if your police officers have gone missing, please report them too.


Cardinal Puff said...

I have noticed that there seem to be more vagrants wandering the borough - tragic figures, some of them, judging by their shoes, previously held down decent jobs - there is a particularly sorry lot that congregate around Shepherds Bush tube calling each other "Comrade" - Melanie, Andy, Steve...

MING said...

I understand there was a piece in the local press about calls to police stations not being answered too.

There should be some way of reproducing the article - making this article available electronically.

Suggestions - welcome from readers of this blog.



MING said...

Dear HFconwatch blogmeister,

since you would be at the protest, could you please note, just in case your protest brief is rather small, that in as far as the libraries are concerned :

1. The proposed charge to the library People's network computers is 5 times the cost the council pays for it

2. and that this matter has been concealed.

3. and the timetable for this has been brought forward (noticed appeared today, taking most stuff by surprise again - usual theme)

4. Please enquire at either of the reference libraries (hammersmith or fulham)

5. You can safely reject any idea that consultation on the above was properly carried out. There will be evidence for this.

Please include the in your protest brief, and please desiminate.