04 March 2017

H&F Tories begging for backup from shamed Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea colleagues

A little bird tells us that some Hammersmith & Fulham Conservative councillors are so worried about losing their seats at the next council election that they're begging Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea Tories to come and campaign for them on the streets of Hammersmith and Fulham.

We wonder if these will be the same Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea councillors who came together with Hammersmith & Fulham Conservatives when they ran the council to undertake a shameful privatisation of the transport that takes disabled children to and from school.

The appalling contractors they appointed after a botched procurement left tube-fed children overheating for hours in minibuses, autistic children running into traffic and much more.

When the newly elected Labour council at Hammersmith & Fulham tried to put matters right after May 2014, the Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea Tory leadership said they were just making trouble and refused to take action. It took hundreds of parents of disabled children to protest before they started to listen.

Now these shamed Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea Tories are apparently going to come and trudge the streets of Hammersmith and Fulham pleading with people to vote for their equally shamed mates.

We can't wait.

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