15 March 2017

Get Greg Hands to change his stance on proposed school funding

A petition has started on change.org to get Conservative MP (and government minister) Greg Hands to do the right thing by his constituents in Fulham (and Chelsea) and support local children, parents and schools against planned government funding cuts.

The petition, which can be signed here, says:
"Greg Hands is the MP for Fulham & Chelsea. His borough will be the 9th most affected area by the proposed new school funding formula. Despite his constituents asking him to support their childrens' education, he believes this new formula will 'end unfairness for all' and is not doing anything. Sign this petition to ask Greg Hands to reconsider and support his constituency's schools and childrens' futures."
We urge everyone to sign the petition.

One person unlikely to be doing so is Greg Hands' Conservative Party colleague, Hammersmith & Fulham Tory councillor Caroline Ffiske

She thinks the planned cuts are“great”, “transparent” and “truly fair”: see H&F Conservatives are backing government cuts to local schools.

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