23 September 2011

How you can oppose the destructive and wasteful Hammersmith Town Hall development

The Cathnor Park Area Action Group has written as below  to its members, urging action against Hammersmith council's destructive and wasteful plans - which it calls "degeneration not regeneration" - to redevelop the Town Hall:
"Many of you know that this group - Cathnor Park Area Action Group - has joined forces with 30 local residents' associations and national conservation organisations to object to the original plans.
"Minute changes to the plans (see attached flyer) have been made [see here and below].

"There are two things you can do to assist with the overwhelming opposition to the scheme.
"1. Attend the public meeting about the revised Town Hall scheme - Tuesday, 27 September, 7.00pm at Rivercourt Methodist Church, King St. Come and see exactly what is proposed
"2. Write to the Council by September 30 2011: if you've written before, then write again (referring to a previous letter, if you wish) and itemising the reasons why you are still against the revised scheme. Details and arguments are summarised in the leaflet attached.
"If you haven't written before, please do so now.
"Best wishes, Annabel Clarke, Chairman, Cathnor Park Area Action Group"

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