15 August 2011

Sign petition to stop Boris's police cuts

Despite criticising David Cameron for reducing police numbers, Tory Mayor Boris Johnson is still going ahead with his own plans to axe 1,800 Met officers. Boris is ultimately responsible for the Met and its budget, so his calls to halt police cuts are highly hypocritical.

Boris should:
  • abandon his plans to force 600 London police sergeants to reapply for their own jobs. They should be focusing on making the streets safe for Londoners, not worrying about their own jobs. 
  • drop his plan to cut 300 sergeants from London's 630 safer neighbourhood teams. 
  • reverse his decision to cut 1800 police officers in London over the next three years. 

If you think the Mayor should be cutting crime, not the police, please sign this petition.


Irish Centre Online said...

People need to sign this, regardless of where you live

Donald Riddall said...


Hi We have a similar petition on facebook & looking for other petition holders who may be interested in joining forces with us so we may reach the target of 100000 signatures. We have 24,580 at the moment.