15 August 2011

The Labour alternative to Tory police cuts in Hammersmith

At a time like this, Hammersmith & Fulham's Tory council should not be cutting one in four police sergeants (from 16 to 12) says Labour opposition leader Steve Cowan, who adds that restoring the sergeants "should just be the start of having a more comprehensive strategy to tackle crime and disorder in our Borough." 

Cllr Cowan proposes making savings to pay for the police we need by reducing the number of council directors and highly-paid consultants, ending the council's controversial propaganda budget and halting the £35 million new Town Hall offices scheme.

He says: "Just for the record, should Labour win control of the Council in 2014, I stand by our promises and confirm we will invest more in crime prevention and policing than the current Conservative run Council. We will restore the sergeants and provide all of the Borough’s sixteen wards with extra 24/7 police task squad protection."

See Cllr Cowan's blog here for details.

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