08 May 2010

Be afraid - what next in H&F

Tory leader of H&F council Stephen Greenhalgh has wasted no time warning local residents that the Tories plan to press ahead with redeveloping estates in the borough.

Speaking at the conclusion of the council count on Friday, Greenhalgh said the pace of change would be quickened (no doubt helped, he hopes, by a Tory government).

All those people in College Park & Old Oak, Wormholt & White City, Shepherds Bush Green, Askew, Hammersmith Broadway and North End who voted against the Tory plans to wreck their communities will be horrified by Greenhalgh's comments.

The election is over; the war continues.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've followed your blog for quite some time and have not taken the time to comment much before. Labour are beginning to mirror the Republicans in the US. Pursuing a campaign of fear is one hell of a way to get the votes in. Instead, why don't you take some time to regroup, mend your broken party and formulate some real strategic ideas ?!