31 May 2010

Be afraid - part four

The new Tory Cabinet in H&F was announced at last week’s council meeting:
Cllr Stephen Greenhalgh – Leader and Cabinet Member for Economic and Housing Development
Cllr Nicholas Botterill – Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment and Asset Management
Cllr Mark Loveday - Cabinet Member for Strategy and Chief Whip
Cllr Helen Binmore - Cabinet Member for Children’s Services
Cllr Joe Carlebach - Cabinet Member for Community Care
Cllr Harry Phibbs - Cabinet Member for Community Engagement
Cllr Lucy Ivimy - Cabinet Member for Housing
Cllr Greg Smith - Cabinet Member for Residents’ Services

The leader of the council has taken on personal responsibility for demolishing estates in the borough with an addition to his portfolio.

And if Cllr Phibbs is the answer to the council's problems engaging with the community, what was the question? Hard-nosed Harry will go down well telling residents that their homes and local communities are being sold off to developers.

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