08 May 2010

Bailey slaughtered

After his humiliating defeat in Hammersmith, what will Tory candidate Shaun Bailey do now?

He faces more humiliation as he returns to his 'day job' as chief executive of the 'charity' MyGeneration which faces a Charity Commission inquiry into its £16k unaccounted for expenses.

Bailey was outdone by a much better Labour candidate and campaign and he was undone by the Tory H&F council's plans to demolish affordable housing.

H&F Tories didn't seem too unhappy about Bailey's defeat. 'These things happen' was a typical comment.

Today's newspapers contain lots about the Tory A-listers like Bailey who failed to win despite huge backing from Cameron and Ashcroft. See the Telegraph for example: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/cristinaodone/100038562/shaun-bailey-and-joanne-cash-were-on-camerons-a-list-and-lost-should-dave-take-it-personally/


Anonymous said...

Hardly "Slaughtered" ! There are still a great deal of people in this H'smith electorate who want nothing to do with Labour. Slaughter's winning margin was gain by patroling housing estates, telling people that the Conservatives are going to knock their houses down. Hardly the strategy of a confident, dare I say, capable politician. Thankfully we still have the Conservative Council to follow through on the gentrification of this borough !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding us why the Tories are still the 'nasty party'.