04 May 2009

Old dogs, old tricks

H&F Tories keep trying the same old scaremongering tricks - about Charing Cross hospital and about the so-called super sewer.

As anyone who has been treated there recently will know, Charing Cross hospital is in very good health. Strangely the Tories didn't try and scare off Michelle Obama when she visited the hospital last month.

The Tories' latest efforts about the 'super sewer' on the front page of the most recent edition of H&F News have drawn a stinging response from Thames Water correcting the council's misleading comments. Local residents desperately need better sewage infrastructure to prevent flooding and river pollution but the council is obstructing Thames Water from making the necessary investment.

Same old Tories, same old tricks.


Anonymous said...


What evidence do you have for the super sewer story being a myth cooked up by the Tories?


hfconwatch said...

From the horse's mouth

Anonymous said...

I assume that horse is from Thames Water though?