04 May 2009

Back to work in anticipation

H&F council staff return to work after the May Day bank holiday expecting another letter about their contracts. Previously hfconwatch (9 April etc) reported that staff had been told they had until 24 April to sign new terms and conditions, otherwise they faced the sack later this year.

The deadline of 24 April has passed and it looks like the council has been using the Tories' tried and not to be trusted practice of scare tactics and misinformation because no one has been sacked yet.

The council is extending its deadline and is due to send another letter to staff on 5 May. One of the unions has written an open letter which asks that the council's letter (5 May) is clearer on the process of change and employees' rights. It also asks for four questions to be answered, including can someone sign the new contract under protest and take the matter to industrial tribunal, and what is the legal deadline for signing the new contact?

Staff want a crystal clear response on what the process is and employees' rights, otherwise there will be further questions about the integrity of the Tory council in dealing with both residents and staff.

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