20 May 2009

The devil is in the detail

Next week's annual H&F council meeting sees more of the same Tory cabinet. But there are some interesting details lurking in the papers.

Avonmore and Brook Green councillor William Bethell only attended two meetings in the whole of last year and managed to avoid attending any full Council meetings.

The Housing scrutiny committee will have its third Chairman in three years, reflecting the Tories' difficulties with their plans to sell off and redevelop council estates throughout the borough.

There are also alterations to Cabinet members portfolios. What exactly does Cllr Paul Bristow, the Cabinet Member for Residents Services, do? His main functions were rubbish collection and street cleaning (since put in the hands of Cllr Greg Smith) and parks. Now Cllr Frances Stainton has added parks to her portfolio. Is Cllr Bristow's boss at work (aka the Leader) not letting him have enough time off to campaign in Middlesbrough?

Finally, Cllr Minnie Scott-Russell, who has taken an independent line on planning and at her last meeting called her Tory colleagues 'traitors' for not supporting All Saints Church in Fulham, is no longer on the planning applications committee. That will teach her.

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