02 February 2009

Where's the grit? part 4

No one at H&F council seemed to know the answer to this question today. Perhaps it's all been moved to, er, Rochdale?

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Anonymous said...

The question that needs to be asked is 'where's all the hot air gone?'.
For over 2 years the Tories has squandered it's resources of hot air on youtube and in it's mouthpiece HFNews. Where is it when we need it? Why increase the budget for hot air by 11.3% and spend over £800,000 on it but not have the Tories and the Press Office walking the street spouting it when we need the ice to be melted.
Steven Greenhouse needs to release the gases for the public good rather than using it to inflate himself and the Tories into the 'hot air' balloons that they are becoming.