27 February 2009

Our budget questions answered (not)

Perhaps H&F Tory council leader Stephen Greenhalgh is getting paranoid.

First he mentions hfconwatch in his speech to the council's annual budget meeting this week. And then the council newspaper, H&F News, attempts to rebut everything hfconwatch has said about the Tories' latest budget.

A full page special (page 32 of the latest H&F News) highlights the following:
- the £61 million cuts made by the Tory council since 2007
- the failure to pass on the recent cut in VAT
- the numerous increased fees and charges
- the introduction of charges for home care
- the huge hike in charges for meals on wheels
- and the £1 million cut in schools funding

Thanks to Cllr Greenhalgh for confirming what we knew already. You read it here first.

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