24 February 2009

Tenants fear for future of Hammersmith estates

Representatives of tenants from Queen Caroline and Ashcroft Square estates in Hammersmith were summoned by recorded delivery letter to attend a meeting with Cabinet Member for Housing, Cllr Lucy Ivimy, last Thursday.

Tory H&F council admitted that St Martins Property Corporation (owned by the ruler of Kuwait) is interested in redeveloping the Ashcroft Square estate on King Street. And they said the developer of Queens Wharf site was interested in the Queen Caroline estate behind the Apollo. Tenants were concerned that they would be moved out of the borough to make way for the developers.

Further 'consultation' with tenants will be held in March - about the same time as council representatives head off to Cannes again for the international property jamboree.

This latest news follows Tory plans to demolish the West Kensington estate and relocate residents.


Anonymous said...

Hey hfconwatch, are you a poor labor sod who has nothing else to do, or are you just a very bitter person who manages to find fault with everything, and fails to see the other side of the argument?Please verify.

hfconwatch said...

Probably all of the above. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and comment.