07 December 2007

Tory cons on council tax

H&F Tories are blagging about a small cut in the council tax. What they fail to tell the media is that local residents are also having to pay higher fees and charges for local services - from meals on wheels to recycling with plans to introduce charges for home helps.

And the Tories say they are cutting waste. Which is not how most people would describe the schools that are being closed, the home care services that have been chopped, the street cleaners that face the sack, the charities that have been cut, the mobile library service that has been scrapped and the community buildings that are being sold off. The list goes on - see previous blogs for the real story.

Finally the Tories say their performance is improving despite the cuts. Well, the 4 star rating in 2006 covered the last year of the previous administration - this year's verdict is awaited with interested.

These may be inconvenient truths for the Conservatives but they are the reality of 18 months of Tory rule in Hammersmith & Fulham. Beware Tory cons about the £34 million cuts in local services.

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