15 December 2007

hfconwatch review of the year

Rather than write another blog about how awful Hammersmith & Fulham Tories are, here are the top five stories of the year on hfconwatch (as based on reader visits):

20 January: Tory junk mail recycles council propaganda

18 March: Correction: pay rise was 'an administrative error'

23 April: Council in chaos as Tories back down on school closure

21 September: Secret leader's speech leaked

21 October: Psssst: voulez vous acheter une ecole?

There was also a very popular story about Greg Hands' research assistant.

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robrob said...

Hey, where was the vote? Did I miss it as I cannot see it on the blog.

hfconwatch said...

You didn't miss it - just based on views by visitors. So what was your favourite hfconwatch blog of the year?