16 November 2006

Tories spin into chaos

Strangely, the latest edition of hfnews, Hammersmith & Fulham council's newspaper for residents, has no mention of plans to close a secondary school, privatise the home help service, or any of the other cuts already announced by the Conservatives. And that's before they even unveil their budget plans for 2007-8!

Meanwhile the front page of hfnews highlights local NHS financial problems without a single acknowledgement of the council's own cuts. The leader of the council gets all high and mighty about local hospital services while savaging council services.

Talk about re-writing history. Tory councillors are obviously aspiring spin doctors and hfnews is their Pravda.

Take the photo of residents celebrating the Allied Carpets appeal victory in hfnews. Local MP Andrew Slaughter has been cut out of the picture even though he led the campaign against the development when he was council leader and since as MP.

Private Eye readers may also appreciate the lookalike photo in hfnews - council leader Stephen Greenhalgh is a deadringer (OK, slightly heavier version) of BNP chief Nick Griffin. And their policies seem remarkably similar.

PS the Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle reports today that the council will be calling an extraordinary council meeting on 29 November on the council's 'gambling policy'. That probably means they have plans to open casinos in the borough. Watch this space.

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