21 November 2006

Autumn leaves Tories slipping up

Walk the streets of Hammersmith & Fulham in late November and you're in danger of slipping and sliding on all the leaves. Either that or coming to a complete standstill because of the mounds of autumn debris everywhere.

Is it the wrong kind of leaf or the wrong kind of weather? Or are the Tories cutting back on street cleaning before privatisation in the hope that we won't notice once it's another service lost forever.

Of course the Tories might respond when the council starts getting sued for all the accidents as residents put the wrong foot first. All the expensive new logos mean nothing if the streets are a filthy and dangerous mess.

Just imagine Cllr super-size-me Greenhalgh taking a tumble down King Street. It would mean several more weeks of road repairs and hold-ups. A disaster for all the 4x4s edging their way around the congestion zone.

A suitable subject for another extraordinary council meeting perhaps?

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