08 November 2011

5% cut in rail, tube, tram, DLR and bus fares with Ken Livingstone's 'Fare Deal'

Ken Livingstone has today issued this message to Londoners.

Fare Deal

Fares are too high in London, and it makes life even harder. That's what people have told me time and time again.

The problem is they are planned to rise every year for years to come.

Today I’m launching my ‘Fare Deal’ for commuters. This January fares are going to rise. But if elected in May I will cut rail, tube, tram, DLR and bus fares by 5% with an emergency fares cut. I will then hold them lower than planned. I will save the average transport user £800 over 4 years. That is my guarantee.

I want you to be involved. I’m not going to sit around and let a Conservative mayor raise transport fares to their highest levels in history whilst slashing the police officers in our communities that are keeping people safe.

If you agree with what we’re saying, join our campaign for a Fare Deal. 


Ken Livingstone
Labour Candidate for Mayor of London

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