26 July 2011

Help save Olympia’s tube service. Come to public meeting tonight with Transport for London

Transport for London wants to close down Olympia station on weekdays, even though this will mean the "slow death" of the Olympia exhibition centre (see here) and deprive disabled people of one of their few access points to the tube network (see here).

Now Hammersmith MP Andy Slaughter has managed to persuade TfL to listen to local residents’ concerns. So come along and put your questions to TfL’s Richard Parry at a meeting tonight (26 July) at 7pm in the Pillar Hall, Olympia.

A warning -- Richard Parry is a wily operator. It took persistent questioning from the audience at a public meeting in January 2008 to get him to stop sliding around and admit that TfL was going back on its plans to install disabled passenger lifts in the new Shepherd's Bush Central line station (see here).

Tory boy a-sitting on his fence
Andy Slaughter has also managed to get local Tory councillors to promise to attend tonight. They originally backed TfL’s plan (see here), as they do any proposals from the large and the powerful. But then they saw local people’s fury. Now they say they want residents to get “the best possible deal” (see here). It is not known if they will bring their own fence.

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