06 July 2011

Hammersmith Tories get Sure Start egg on their face

Hammersmith Tory council has taken a first, grudging step towards admitting that, in its usual callous and inept way, it has got it wrong about slashing local Sure Start services across the borough as part of £3.4m cuts to children's services.

A gutsy local mother asked for a judicial review after the council failed to consult properly about the Sure Start cuts. In typically arrogant fashion, the Tories had first announced the cuts and only then (reluctantly) consulted.

On Friday, a judge apparently ruled the council had a case to answer, at which point the Tories seem to have caved in and restored services to the Cathnor Park Children's Centre rather than risk going to the full judicial review.

The transcript of proceedings is eagerly awaited but this looks like being great news for families who use Cathnor. What it means for families using the other eight children's centres where services are due for the chop has yet to become clear. You can see more details herehere and here.

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