11 April 2011

RIP H&F News, twisting the truth to the end - all eyes now on the Chronicle

So, the last ever copy of H&F News has popped through our doors. As prettily presented piece of propaganda as ever we saw.

Local MP Andy Slaughter reminds us of the fibs it told right up to the last, of which perhaps the richest was “Children’s centre numbers rise following consultation”, when nine centres have lost virtually all their funding and the budgets of the remaining six have been cut.

We also enjoyed that old hypocrite, council leader Stephen Greenhalgh weeping crocodile tears that the paper “was never able to hold us to account”. It never tried. One of its dying actions was to refuse an advertisement from a group of parents thanking families who have chosen to use our local primary schools. See the whole extraordinary story here.

The Chronicle will now be the main source of local news. We hope it won’t be swayed into giving the council an easy ride by the money it is now getting to carry council announcements. And we hope the announcements themselves won’t prove to be further, thinly disguised political propaganda. Plenty of people, including a few of m’learned friends, will be keeping a watchful eye out.

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