10 April 2011

Peaceful protest works - just look at the Save EMA campaign

James Mills, a leading light of the Hammersmith Labour Party, points out in the Guardian that while smash-em-up anarchists get lots of attention, the media ignore more successful peaceful protests, such as the Save EMA campaign, which has just forced the government to keep providing support next year to the quarter of a million teenagers who currently get the education maintenance allowance (EMA).

The campaign, which James runs, has also persuaded Boris Johnson to call on the government to review its decision to scrap the EMA.

This is good news for youing people in Hammersmith & Fulham and across London, and a useful reminder that legitimate and peaceful direct action still gets results. You can read James's piece here.

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denman said...

And don't forget the camopaign to roll back the announced cuts in the Schools Sport Partnerships which was supported by students, pupils, schools and many local Authorities (but not ours!). The funding was reinstated for a further term and a (reduced) level of funding put in place afterwards. Not that it got front page coverage of course.